Loving Mie!

I guess it’s because it’s lunchtime and I’m hungry that I’m dreaming of Mie. Not me as in me, but Mie as in noodles. Fat, soft, slurpy, deeply chicken-broth fragrant, Jakarta-style noodles. Now everyone has their favourite and feel free to overload my inbox with suggestions. When you love noodles, what to do! But I love Bakmi Roxy in Cikini, or maybe it’s the name I love (Whatever happened to Bryan Ferry?)

Bakmi Roxy noodle house

Bakmi Roxy noodle house

The meat really has to be chicken and simmered in a slow-brewed chicken stock. And when I say chicken, it has to be dark, moist, super-tasty thigh.


And it should be chunky, with attitude. A memorable thigh-rich journey.

Production line noodles.

Production line noodles.

And then there are the noodles. Soft, white, not too slender, not too fat and cooked al-over-dente in an unctuous, all important chicken stock. I detect a hint of ginger and Chinese five spice with my ever fav Star Anise in this golden, rolling brew. I wonder if there are tons of chicken bones in there and if it keeps simmering 24/7. Notice that a drop of chilli oil and white pepper is tossed first into the bowl and then the noodles. Another secret!


And then there are the other players. Sayur hijau, bakso, pangsit, spring onion or scallion and the ubiquitous fire-red sambal.

The full treat!

The full treat!

Maybe it’s because I am a bit of a baby and love soft food but I can slurp on noodles any time of day. I guess it’s the comfort factor but there is also nothing fancy or pretentious about eating noodles. It’s all about the food. Nothing more than that. Stay tuned for the recipe!

  • Beth Heron
    Posted at 18:53h, 16 January

    O! Thank you! I have been sick for 7 days with a terrible cold and
    I have been existing on tea and chicken soup. But oboy maybe noodles would help. Well, just seeing your email has given me a
    lift.Thank you soooooo much!

    Early valentine message to you- from Maine, USA

    Beth Heron

  • Francine Liem
    Posted at 21:06h, 16 January

    My favorite was Mie Gang Kiinci, near Pasar Baru. I love the chicken and the mushrooms. Hopefully it is still there!

    But the noodles itself, the best I thought was made by Mie Gajah Mada. I was there when it was first open in Jalan Gajah Mada, and I saw how it was made then, in a tiny restaurant. I wish I knew the ingredients to make the noodles. The dough was pressed with a long and heavy wood cylinder (like a rice alu on its side), attached on one side, the other side pressed down on the dough repeatedly.