In 1984 I landed in Bali on a mission to learn about the food I had devoured on my first visit in the 70’s. I returned to Ubud, met Ketut, a Balinese man and my future husband and without much thought and with gilded stars spinning in my eyes, moved to this charming hillside town. I threw myself into an intriguing new life and ate as much as I could on the way.

Back then, ducks, cows and farmers wandered down the main road, telephones were few and far between, rice fields filled the spaces and life was slow. That was more 30 years ago. Since that time, 4 babies have been born and businesses have blossomed. Our children are now stepping into our shoes..

Ketut and I are the proud owners of Casa Luna and Indus restaurants, Honeymoon Guesthouse and the Honeymoon Bakery. We also run Casa Luna Cooking School where I share the secrets of Balinese cooking and the healing properties of spices. The Emporium, next door to Casa Luna, is a treasure chest of artisan Indonesian crafts, from wood-carvings to hand-woven textiles and homewares. Drop in and say hello!

Late in the afternoon, village streets across the archipelago become a moveable feast. Above the din of cars, motorbikes, children and the cranking, cooing and raucous sounds of nature, distinctive local music heralds a most comforting message - it's time to eat. The percussion of knives, spoons, bowls, plates, glasses all become part of a culinary orchestra and as the sun starts to descend it’s on with the show as a chorus line of street vendors appears on the horizon. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Happy Straya Day! I'm thrilled to be one among many Australians...