Bali: The Food of My Island Home

Finally, the stunning, definitive cookbook from Australia’s leading authority on Indonesian cuisine. Janet DeNeefe explores the daily life and culture of this much-loved island paradise and its colourful cuisine. This collection of authentic and delicious recipes span the pillars of Balinese and Indonesian cuisine, examining spices and sambals, rice dishes, curries and coconut, street food, ceremonial banquets, modern offerings and sweets.

An inspiring and personal guide to one of our favourite places and cuisines, Bali; The Food of my Island Home will transport you instantly to the bustling streets and colourful markets of Ubud and surrounds, inspiring you to recreate the tastes of Bali easily in your own home.

To Stir with Love

When Janet De Neefe stepped off the plane in Bali in 1974, she felt an immediate connection to this island paradise. Though curious about Bali’s culture, its warm people and its mouthwatering cuisine, she didn’t expect to fall in love with a Balinese man and make a new life there.

In this delightful memoir, Janet shares entertaining stories of being ‘gently shaped like warm rice for offerings’ as she adapts to another culture and way of life. She offers insights into the ancient myths and rituals still alive in Bali today and passes on delicious recipes handed down through generations of her husband’s family.

Fragrant Rice shows how the love, hope and warmth that makes this island such a special place is still very much alive today.

fragrant rice by Janet deneefe book

Fragrant Rice

In the aftermath of the tragedy that struck Bali on 12 October 2002 comes an inspiring memoir which shows that Bali is still very much an island of warmth and hope.

Casa Luna is famous not only for being the first restaurant to fuse Balinese and Western food, but because of Janet’s cooking school, which attracts visitors from all around the world.

Janet experiences in the magical world of Bali give her a unique perspective.

In this delightful lifestyle book with a difference, Janet shares many entertaining stories as well as delicious recipes handed down through generations of her husband’s family, as she learns to adapt to another culture and way of life.


 Title of the Book: Bali.The Food of my Island Home


Bali: The Food of My Island Home written by Janet DeNeefe  nominated for category C08-Best Asian Cuisine Book of the Gourmand World CookBook Awards for “Best in the World” 2012.

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