To Stir With Love

Musings on living, loving and cooking in Bali.


From well-known author, restaurateur and director of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, Janet DeNeefe, comes this entertaining collection of articles selected from her column in The Jakarta Post ‘To Stir With Love’ and the Garuda In-Flight Magazine. As an outsider looking in, DeNeefe’s perspective is refreshing, colourful and witty. She reminisces over the eighties in Ubud; laments the fate of the Bali dog: contemplates the Balinese naming system; discusses the mystique of Balinese coffee; examines the finesses of the kebaya, introduces her favourite Ubud identities and praises the Balinese duck. Humorous and insightful, these charming stories reveal a life beyond tourism in Bali!

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