Welcome to 2014

Welcome to the New Year!

I hope that you have all had a restful and rejuvenating holiday period.

I have spent the festive season reflecting on the hidden joys and beauty to be found on the island that I am lucky enough to call home (while also enjoying a few too many succulent sate sticks!).

With an abundance of fresh produce including glorious spices, fragrant rice, cashews and coffee, Bali truly is a foodies paradise.

This year I want to tell you more about the magic of Bali and the stories behind the ingredients in my cooking. I will be sharing stories and images from Ubud and across Bali so that you can enjoy and appreciate¬ how fresh organic produce and local ingredients make their way into my kitchens.

Seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs, aromatics and spices are the mainstay of our menu and many are purchased at the Ubud market, others with minimal food miles. Our pasta, breads and spice pastes are homemade and most of the salad greens we use are organic. We are passionate about the local food culture and only buy produce from people we like, for in Bali, it’s all about the relationships you foster with growers and producers.

At Casa Luna, we pride ourselves on our commitment to provide the freshest and safest produce available. My kitchens use these ingredients to create recipes that have been handed down through generations of my husband’s family and the family of my staff.

We believe that food should not only taste great but should be implicitly good for you.

I am passionate about sharing this knowledge and am working on a few projects to help you experience the magic of Bali, no matter where you are in the world. I will be posting my favourite recipe each week, hosting long-table lunches and dinners in Ubud and inviting you into my kitchen at The Casa Luna Cooking School.

I look forward to spending this year sharing the seduction of Bali with you, my friends around the world.

See you soon!



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