RECIPE OF THE MONTH: Balinese-style Paella

    So here it is! Casa Luna’s signature dish, which was inspired by – you guessed it – a trip to Spain. I devoured paella nearly every day when I visited in 1991, and in Madrid in the midst of probably my tenth version, I had an epiphany, or rather one of those ‘what’s […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK | Javanese tofu and scallop curry (Opor tahu dan scallops)

Opor, a dish from central Java, is usually described as a white curry. However this description does not do justice to dishes’ dreamy and alluring flavours of galangal, ginger and lemongrass combined with mild green chillies. For me, opor is the quintessential Javanese dish: subtle, creamy and aromatic. In this modern interpretation I have selected […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK | Coconut Pannacotta

30gm white sugar 1⁄4 cup water 1 1⁄4 cup coconut milk 1 leaf of titanium strength gelatine or 2 teaspoons gelatine 2 fat pieces orange rind, grated 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 pandan leaves, tied together in one knot 400ml whipping cream Place the cream in a large bowl and set aside. Dissolve the sugar […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK | Balinese Beef Rendang – Rendang Sapi

In keeping with Hindu dietary restrictions, beef is seldom served in a Balinese household. That doesn’t mean it’s forbidden though! Meat in Bali, is always cooked with a pile of fresh spices that tenderize, preserve, uplift and nurture. It’s also about aiding digestion and a dash of tamarind, a few sprightly gingers and lemongrass will […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK | Black-rice pudding – Bubur injin

Black rice pudding is one of Bali’s most famous desserts that, once upon a time, used to feature on the breakfast menu of most simple guesthouses around the island. Traditionally served as an in-between snack, it’s glossy blackness and almost chocolatey flavour makes it both intriguing and alluring. Mornings or afternoons, you can usually find […]


You Are The Sunshine Of My Life That’s Why I’ll Always Stay Around You Are The Apple Of My Eye Forever You’ll Stay In My Heart Stevie Wonder.   Breakfast at the Four Seasons in Jakarta, the morning after the Jakarta Post 25th anniversary celebration with the effects of a few too many “sherbets” making […]