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Ohhhh Coto Makassar!

Posted on September 14th, by janet in Culture. Comments Off on Ohhhh Coto Makassar!

Makassar, South Sulawesi, just a one hour and three minute flight from Bali.  Makassar is famous for Coto Makassar. What is it? Think of a meaty beef broth that is full bodied but refreshingly light. Street-side warungs on just about every corner sell it. In Makassar they are serious about Coto.


Warung Coto Nusantara, Jalan Nusantara, is renowned for its full-flavoured version and by ten in the morning, this small no-frills cafe is wall to wall with customers. I join the crowds and squeeze onto a tin chair at a small table, rubbing shoulders with school students, businessmen and locals, to savour the pride of Makassar. “Would you like Coto with beef only or with beef and innards?” “Beef and innards.… Read More

Wish you were here…..

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Dear  Travellers

Wish You Were Here…. in my little office in Ubud, Bali, that overlooks carved pavilions, stone goddesses and frangipani trees that come in all shades and fragrances. Just another day in paradise!

So what brought me to the shimmering shores of this fabled island, I hear you ask? I fell prey to the seductive charms of Bali in the summer of 1974 when my father decided to take us on a family holiday; to a tropical Asian hideaway that was beginning to capture the hearts of many intrepid Australians. I had never been overseas before and the exotic East was a mystery.

That first visit made a lasting impact on my life.… Read More


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You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
That’s Why I’ll Always Stay Around
You Are The Apple Of My Eye
Forever You’ll Stay In My Heart

Stevie Wonder.


Breakfast at the Four Seasons in Jakarta, the morning after the Jakarta Post 25th anniversary celebration with the effects of a few too many “sherbets” making me feel a little under par (don’t you just love parties).

The smooth sounds of The Ireng Maulana band playing “You are the sunshine of my life” still humming in my ears. I was looking for a soft tender meal to start the day; one that would bring me back to the land of rosy cheeks and boundless energy.   … Read More


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